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Enrichment & Enhancement Activities

Enrichment and Enhancement activities are specifically designed to provide exciting and challenging 'hands on' projects that show the practical application of STEM curriculum subject.

These Enrichment and Enhancement experiences can be part of a national group of activities or developed locally with the support of STEM businesses in Cumbria.

Local activities can be accessed through contact with STEM Cumbria Ltd who will advise on availability. Examples of these activities are RED HOT MATHS that currently run in Barrow in Furness and Kendal, Robolab Workshops, Robodance Competitions, Bright Sparks Electricity Workshop, STEM Challenge Days and the K'Nex Challenge.

Activity providers
The STEM Directories are an online resource to help teachers find Enhancement & Enrichment activities across the UK to support their teaching. It contains information about activities delivered in-school as well as trips that schools can make and challenges, competitions and summer schools. We have over 300 schemes live on the site, but are keen to make the resource as comprehensive and useful to teachers as possible. As an added bonus, we provide 30 grants a year of £500 to teachers in English state schools, and more £500 grants for Maths teachers UK-wide who select a scheme listed on the STEM Directories site. If you’re not already listed, it’s an easy process and you will become eligible for teachers to apply to spend £500 on your scheme. The closing dates for these rounds of grants are the 20th and 22nd of March.
To register, visit http://www.stemdirectories.org.uk/login/?action=register

And for more information about the grants, goto: http://www.stemdirectories.org.uk/teacher-faqs/http://www.stemdirectories.org.uk/login/

The STEM Directories provide information about ways to support and extend your science, engineering, design and mathematics teaching. Some schemes bring exciting activities into your school, others can provide a memorable day out for your students or a nationwide competition to help motivate your science club. They might involve bringing a real scientist, engineer or mathematician into the classroom, give your students access to equipment not readily available or simulate real-life applications of science and technology. Many schemes can provide supporting teaching materials to help get the most of the activity.
We also offer grants of up to £500 available for you to have a STEM E&E activity take place at your school in 2015. The closing dates for these rounds of grants is 9th February 2015.
For more information about the grants, and to apply, please visit http://www.stemdirectories.org.uk/teacher-faqs/

Useful STEM activity Weblinks:

'TheE.ON Energy Experience is a resource for 5 - 16 year old pupils that explores the theme of Energy with different topics for Primary and Secondary pupils'.

'plugin2engineering' challenges students aged 11-16 to put their Science skills to the test by taking on the job of Project Manager at Electronica Energy.

The Nuffield Research Projects

Offer post 16 students (academic or vocational) the opportunity to go on a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) placement during their summer vacation. The overall aim of the NSB scheme is to encourage young people who are considering working in the STEM arena. The scheme offers teachers the chance to develop contacts with working scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians in industry and research institutions and improve links with Higher Education.This scheme offers students a first-hand experience of STEM in a working environment, a greater awareness of possible career opportunities, experience of teamwork with students from varied backgrounds, interviews, presentations, the chance to apply for a CREST Award and become an ambassador for NSB.

Case Studies

Click here to view- Tommy Moore- National Science and Engineering Award.

Click here to view -Nuffield Bursary Project 2010 - Emma Matthews and Techincal Fibre Products

Click here to view - Nuffield Bursary Project - Laura Bingham and Tecnical Fibre Products Ltd

CREST Awards 

Through CREST, young people explore the nature of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by doing creative problem-solving through mini-projects. Awards are made at three levels (bronze, silver and gold). At the higher levels, practicing scientists and engineers mentor the projects and the students. Students submit their projects for regional CREST celebration events. The best projects at each award level will then be selected for place at the National Final. CREST develops practical and thinking skills, encourages teamwork and development of communication skills and prepares students for the world of work. For the teachers, CREST offers the opportunity to work more closely and in a different way with the participating students.

Crest * Investigators

The CREST * Investigators scheme provides schools and other organisations with packs full of motivating activities and support materials for organisers. The activities focus on thinking and talking about science, encouraging children to solve scientific problems through practical investigation. They are designed to be run by organisers of after-school clubs and science clubs, or even by Brownies and Cubs, using everyday materials, though some are suitable for use in the classroom. CREST* Investigators has three Awards: Star (usually for 7- 11 year olds) and MegaStar (usually for 8-12 year olds). Star and SuperStar engage children with a  range of activities set in different contexts. At MegaStar, the children undertake a series of projects, each containing several activities. This scheme has a strong emphasis on progression, with each award building on skills developed in the previous awardd become an ambassador for NSB.

F1 in Schools

F1 in Schools is a multi-disciplinary challenge in which teams use Computer Aided Design software to design, test and manufacture miniature compressed air powered balsa wood Formula One cars. The cars are raced side-by-side, competing regionally, nationally and internationally for the Bernie Ecclestone trophy. Teams of four to six students must raise sponsorship and manage budgets to
fund research, travel and accommodation. Students benefit by experiencing the Design - Analyse - Test - Race process deployed by the teams in the real world of Formula One. The challenge inspires students to use IT to learn about engineering, physics, aerodynamics, design, manufacture, branding, graphics, sponsorship, marketing, leadership/teamwork, media skills and financial strategy, and apply them in a practical, imaginative, competitive and exciting way.

The Engineering Education Scheme

The Engineering Education Scheme (England) is a work-related, project-based, applied learning scheme. Teams of four work with a teacher and industrial mentor on a company project over a period of six months. Each project is unique, designed by the company to feature real problems. Students experience project management, report writing, communication skills, teamwork and problem solving whilst developing skills focused on creativity and innovation. Students benefit by experiencing of the world of work and clearer understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects and courses from different contexts. The students have the opportunity for the projects to be assessed by the BA CREST Awards and provide input into the skills section of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Accreditation is available through an awarding body and validation by a Higher Education Institution. To Find out more about EES visit the EDT website at www.etrust.org.uk/eese.cfm


Go4SET is a work-related, project-based, applied-learning activity. Teams of six pupils work with a teacher and industrial mentor on an environmentally-themed science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) project over a period of 10 weeks. The project matter has equal relevance to the company and school. Projects are rigorously assessed and reported on by panels of assessors from industry, education and commerce. Go4SET has a competition format and all pupils are eligible for the CREST awards. By working closely with an industrial mentor, pupils benefit by getting a taste of real-life industry. They also benefit from experiencing project management, report writing, communication skills, teamwork and problem solving.

Jaguar Cars Maths in Motion Challenge for Schools

The Jaguar Cars Maths in Motion Challenge for Schools provides software which requires students to set up a virtual racing car, to enter a race against cars set up by other students. It is competitive, factual and generates a lot of excitement. Teams progress through knockout rounds in March and May each year, with the National Final taking place in June. Many schools, once involved, have set up maths clubs, specifically to take part, for the very first time. Many schools have used this as the catalyst for a transition year's project and have linked with other schools to run their own 'private' challenges. The Challenge uses basic understanding of mathematics to simulate something very complex in a way that creates a great learning environment. 





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