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UPDATED website- The Life Science Centre- with new, detailed course brochures that are curriculum aligned, specific to each awarding body for GCSE and A-Level.

The Life Science Centre at Castle Head Field Centre, Grange-over-Sands exists to generate enthusiasm for science in young people and to inspire the pursuit of scientific careers. We also believe this unique opportunity helps young people develop the skills needed for employment and enterprise. We do this in response to the current shortage of quality science graduates in the UK.

FREE science resources for teachers
The new educational resource website created by the charity Jeans for Genes. Genes Are Us teaches children about the influence that genes have on our everyday lives, from the colour of our eyes to the way our body works, grows and develops.

Inspirational Science Learning KS 3,4 & above.
How inspired would your science students be if they could go to the North Pole, work with NASA or take part in game relocation in South Africa.

Future Morph
This website is designed to show you just some of the amazing and unexpected places that studying science, technology, engineering and maths can take you. Think of this as your basecamp, your launchpad, the door is open come on in and explore.

The James Dyson Foundation
The new James Dyson Foundation website aims to provide a wide range of free and easily accessible resources that schools and universities can use at any time. Resources like the Education Box - a disassembly and product analysis tool containing a Dyson DC22 and parts. There is also a new selection of educational videos to download online and a design engineering Teacher’s Pack that can be integrated into lessons. Visitors will also discover what designers inspire James Dyson – in Design Heroes; what is involved in engineering – in the Design Process; and learn about what it’s like to be a Dyson engineer - in our Engineering Profiles.

Make It
Choosing the right career is a vital decision. The question is which job! The 'Make It' things world has loads of choices - creating today's essentials - like iPods, trainers or medicines. Perhaps, more critical are the jobs developing tomorrow's - carbon-free cars, robotics or cures for disease. It's challenging, enjoyable and rewarding - what's more, the money's better than most. Click on the links below to find out what it can offer. Meet the people and discover the jobs shaping tomorrow's world today.

The Potato Story
Introduction Improving the health of the nation has never been more at the forefront with the government encouraging the nation to Change 4 life. School children are a natural starting point for education initiatives to help improve health; teaching children about good nutrition and healthier lifestyles will help them make more informed and better choices both now and in the future. Some healthy eating messages are already making an impact, for example children now are more aware that they should be eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Where there appears to be a job to do is on understanding food provenance, with the research from the British Heart Foundation revealing 1 in 3 children do not know chips come from potatoes. Child psychologist Richard Woolfson believes greater understanding of food provenance and preparation is crucial in teaching children about healthy eating, "Lack of food knowledge and a misunderstanding of what constitutes 'healthy food' may have a serious impact on the eating habits of children. The Potato Story is a great way of teaching kids about healthy food and where it is from, in a fun and interactive way. This will help them grow up with a good understanding of healthy eating."

School Science - Revitalise your Science!
Science news, resources, competitions and much more!

The Association membership consists of about 300 people who are or have been involved with or interested in the engineering disciplines. We specifically are not a professional institution though many of our members are professional engineers and as such belong also to their respective particular institutions. This means that we can extend our membership to the wider public who express a genuine interest in all things engineering. We run a programme usually of six lectures on the third Thursday of the months of September, October, November, January, February and March. An AGM is held for members in April. The council of the Association meets monthly. Each member of the Association is allocated to a councillor and is usually contacted once a month with information about the Association's activities. A news letter is issued annually just prior to the start of the lecture season. The lectures have over the years covered every discipline and been at various levels of technicality. Attendance is usually between 25 and 100 at each presentation which is normally held at a suitable local hostelry so that the pre and post meeting periods form an integral part of the evening. The actual lectures start at 7.30 p.m. and last for up to an hour with up to 30 minutes questions and discussion following. Facilities such as a slide projector, OHP, video etc. are often used as aids to presentation. The aim of the Association is and always has been to spread the engineering gospel to the wider audience and not just the committed engineer who already knows how fascinating and vital it really is.

Link to new ScienceScope website.
New ScienceScope Website We have now launched our brand new website. The website has details of all of our dataloggers, sensors and GPS system. There are also sections on current offers, investigations and a page for downloading current versions of software. Please follow the link below for the new website: www.sciencescope.co.uk Lights, Camera, Action... We have been filming during the school holidays and are starting to publish instructional videos on 'You Tube' of how to use our products. The first videos that we have published are 'How to use the ScienceScope RocketLogger' and 'A Titration Of Cola And Sodium Hydroxide' We will publish further video links on our website and in our newsletter. 'How To Use the ScienceScope Rocket Logger' 'A Titration Of Cola And Sodium Hydroxide' New Volume & Gas Sensor We have a new Volume & Gas Sensor that combines a Volume Sensor 60cc with a Volume Gas Syringe. The sensor comes with 2 interchangeable syringes. This sensor makes the investigation of gas laws and titrations much more simple. We have produced a video demonstrating a titration using cola and Sodium Hydroxide with the new volume sensor.S1938 Volume 60cc & Gas Sensor  £120 plus VAT ScienceScope Loyalty Points Scheme We are offering a points reward scheme. Every pound that you spend with ScienceScope will entitle your school to a loyalty point. These points can then be redeemed against selected products that we offer each month in our newsletter and on our website. Find out your current points total We are offering points retrospectively so our existing customers can call us to find out how many points they have accumulated and how the scheme works. *This offer is only available to UK schools

Circuit Ominos Guidance Notes
Please click this link to download the Circuit Ominos Guidance Notes.

Schools into Industry - chance to win prizes
Do you want access to; • Curriculum-mapped design project with the chance to win prizes worth £2,500 • Free interactive programme with visits to employer premises • Register on www.theits.org.uk for further information, free schemes of work and teaching materials

STEM Ambassadors will have extra resources to help teach pupils about sustainable living and the challenges of climate change, thanks to the latest additions to an innovative educational website.
3M Worldlywise, which is designed to support the teaching of sustainable living to 11-16 year-olds, now boasts a new geography section in addition to the existing maths and science areas. There is also a new section for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Ambassadors – working people who volunteer their time to help school pupils look at these subjects and careers from a fresh perspective. The interactive geography section covers a wide range of topics including farming, forestry, power stations, recycling, pollution and renewable energy, whilst the STEM section takes ambassadors straight to a suite of resources that have been designed specifically for classroom activities. John Klee, corporate communications manager for 3M, said: “These new sections will not only help sustainable living to be taught as part of the geography curriculum but also provide STEM Ambassadors with some great off-the-shelf resources, helping to minimise the preparation time needed to deliver engaging activities to pupils.” 3M Worldlywise was launched in November 2009 to support the teaching of STEM subjects and encourage more students to study them beyond GCSEs and, ultimately, on to university. To date it has attracted 40,000 visits, and 1,000 teachers have registered to access more than 60 free classroom worksheets available on the site. These have been downloaded more than 25,000 times. The website can be found at www.3Mworldlywise.co.uk.

Key Stage Solutions
Welcome to Key Stage Solutions Key Stage Solutions is an innovative company based in the South-East of England providing learning and development opportunities across the STEM subjects for teachers, parents and students alike. If you are looking for exciting science enrichment activities, science shows and workshops, investigative science kits, or development opportunities for teachers and assistants at any Key Stage, we have the solution.

Space Explorers Club
Space Explorer’s club meets once a month at the museum on a Saturday afternoon? It’s for 9 – 16 year olds and members of the Eddington Astronomical Society input into the sessions. See the museum website:

Smallpeice Courses
Teachers are advised to encourage pupils to apply as soon as possible on our website as applications are reviewed and places allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Resources for Smart Resistant Materials
Pumpkin has recently released a new title on Smart Resistant Materials. The resource explores cutting edge smart materials and finds out how they are made, how they work and what their potential applications are both now and in the future.

Scientists in Sport anti-doping challenge
Scientists in Sport anti-doping challenge Five new performance-enhancing drugs have been added to the banned substance list – and it’s up to you to develop a portable kit to test whether or not an athlete has taken one of them. We’d like teams of 11-14 year olds to design and make a portable drug testing kit.

In the Zone Welcome Trust
The British Science Festival Student Bursary Scheme
The British Science Festival Student Bursary Scheme enables institutions to offer one or more students the chance to experience the British Science Festival in person. The British Science Festival is the largest annual public science event in Europe presenting the latest science, technology and engineering with over 250 events, activities, exhibitions and trips taking place over the week. The British Science Festival is unique among science festivals in the UK as it moves around the country and in the last few years has taken place in Liverpool, Guildford, Birmingham and Bradford. For more information about the Festival please visit www.britishsciencefestival.org. For more information, bursary order forms and information about the British Science Festival please visit www.britishscienceassociation.org/studentbursary.

BASF Young Ambassadors Award
Please pass onto any appropriate contacts

Space Related Phyics, Chemistry & Biology Activities
This might be of use to teachers and STEM Ambassadors looking for physics, chemistry and biology activities linked to space. Some of the activities might also be of interest to STEM Clubs. The resources have been developed for teachers but some of them may be suitable for STEM Ambassadors (e.g. build a comet nucleus in the physics section). All the activities are backed up by videos featuring National Space Academy Lead Educators or Anu Ojha (Education Director, National Space Centre). The activities are mainly aimed at KS4 and 5 but some can be used for KS3. They have been developed and used as part of the National Space Academy programme.

I’m a Scientist: Electricity Distribution debate kit
The I’m a Scientist team have created a new debate kit promoting discussion of the ethical, social and political issues around electricity distribution.

Royal Academy of Engineering's grant scheme
Ingenious is the Royal Academy of Engineering's grant scheme for projects that engage the public with engineers and engineering. Ingenious projects provide opportunities for engineers to take part in public engagement activities, to gain skills in communication and to bring engineering to the very centre of society. All Ingenious projects should engage the public with engineering while providing engineers with skills and opportunities in public engagement. We welcome proposals from engineers, universities, science and engineering communicators and engagement professionals, colleges and schools. Funding is available from £3,000 to £30,000.

The Institute of Physics' Public Engagement Grant Scheme
The Institute of Physics' Public Engagement Grant Scheme aims to encourage and support the development of projects that: • Raise public awareness of, and engagement with, contemporary physics. • Inspire and enthuse public audiences, especially those not previously interested in physics. • Reach audiences beyond the classroom. • Develop the science communication skills of individuals. Grants are worth up to £1,500.

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