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Who are STEM Ambassadors.

Volunteering as a STEM Ambassador is your chance to promote your skills to young learners, actively encourage them to enjoy STEM subjects, and inform them about the unique career opportunities that
are available to them.

By volunteering as an Ambassador, you could be opening up life-changing opportunities for many
young people in your area. Anyone who has a desire to inspire children and young people in STEM
subjects can become an Ambassador. The main qualities that all Ambassadors share are enthusiasm
and commitment, along with a passion for what they do.

The STEM Ambassadors Programme enables anyone with Science, Technology, Engineering
and Mathematics (STEM) skills to inspire young people (5-19 year olds). STEM Ambassadors
demonstrate the possibilities of STEM subjects and careers by revealing how essential STEM is
throughout the world in which we live.
Through analysis of STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths] research reports the
following facts have been identified;

The 16 - 18 year old population is in decline.

There is a decline in Maths and Science uptake at A level and HE.

The overall STEM position nationally is strong but this is NOT the case for Physical
Sciences and Engineering.

Adult perceptions of STEM jobs are negative and key influencers are poorly informed.

Young people who do enter Engineering, have been influenced by a role model in the field.

The largest proportion of STEM opt-out is post GCSE.

STEM uptake is gender biased


STEM Ambassadors taking part in the 'Robotics Day' at The Dock Museum, Barrow.

The STEM Ambassador Programme currently has almost 30,000 Ambassadors available to work with young people. The occupations of STEM Ambassadors are very wide ranging, including environmental scientists, chemists, civil engineers, marine biologists, medical physicists, pharmacists, apprentices and energy analysts to name but a few. Anyone who uses STEM in the world of work and who is willing and able to enthuse young people about STEM subjects, can apply to become a STEM Ambassador.

The Programme is funded by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and is already supported by employers in every part of the UK who encourage their staff to become STEM Ambassadors as part of their outreach activities.

STEM Ambassadors are inspiring role models to young people, switching their minds to the excitement and potential of STEM subjects and careers. They themselves also gain tremendously from the programme.

As an Ambassador you have the opportunity to:

gain a fresh perspective on day-to-day work when seen through the eyes of students

face a different challenge to that of everyday work

enjoy a sense of achievement after delivering an activity

help make a difference in the local community

challenge stereotypes young people have about STEM subjects and related careers

strengthen your own skills, including communication, planning and presentation skills

have lots of fun and enjoy the buzz and energy from the young people!

By supporting students in their STEM learning, you will bring them the following benefits:

Science, maths, design and technology, and engineering become relevant to the everyday experience of students.

Better motivation, more confidence and enthusiasm

Opportunities to improve key skills as well as increase understanding in science, maths, design and technology, and engineering

Better understanding of the opportunities that a career in science, technology, engineering and maths can offer.


Post Event Comments:

Feedback from Nuclear Grads' STEM Day at Furness Academy: 19 April from Brian Wood, BEP Co-ordinator and comments from Teacher at Furness Academy.

Your team did a fine job on 19 April at Furness Academy in delivering the STEM day to such a large group of students. During the time I spent at the event I was impressed with how well all the Nuclear Grads worked with the young people and with the appropriateness of the activities you had devised.  

I've spoken recently with Sue Martin at Furness Academy and she's provided me with her own feedback on the day as follows:  

The Sellafield STEM day was a great success. The whole day was well organised and the students were engaged throughout. The tasks were well thought out and the four morning tasks were all very different and so kept them interested. The graduates interacted exceptionally well with the students. I never heard any of the usual responses…”I’m bored…this is boring…do I have to do this? etc” But there was a lot of…"This is cool…loads better than school work…can I do this again.” I would definitely like this to be an annual event for the Year 9s. The only thing I could possibly say that might make it better would be to have the groups all day and not some just for the morning. I realise it did give more students the chance to join in, but quite a few from the morning would have liked to have stayed for the afternoon session - especially when the prizes in the afternoon were so brilliant (helicopters!).

Overall, an excellent day. Thank you! (Sue Martin)  

Hope that you're pleased with this? From a BEP point of view, I'm keen to keep the link with next year's Nuclear Grads, so do please hand on my contact details. Good luck to you and your team with any activities you've got planned between now and the end of May. Brian Wood, BEP Co-ordinator

Victoria Junior School Science Week - 18th - 21st March 2013

A huge thank you to Sue, Mark, Tracey and Dan from BAE Systems who have been fantastic this week.  So good in fact that all the gokarts are built ahead of schedule, so sorry Greg and Steve but we will not be needing your services tomorrow.  But you are all invited to our little race off tomorrow at 1.45 if you would like to see the children putting all their hard work to good use.  It will only be on for 20 mins or so and if it rains we will postpone and let you know the new date.  I have told Wilma how grateful we are for your help and look forward to working with you again, the children loved it.

The race off went really well this afternoon and Steve, Mark and Greg all came to watch. Quote from Pete Davison, Teacher

Renewable Energy Day - comment from Margaret Campbell, Teacher - St. Bernard's School - 20 Mar 2013

Hi Tony. Thank you for today.

I know that you must have put in a lot to make it happen. I really appreciate this Tony.

The pupils seemed to really enjoy the challenge and got a lot from the day! It was great to have an ambassador working with each team, especially because the pupils were working with equipment and concepts that were not part of their curriculum!

Thanks for bringing along so many helpers! Best wishes Margaret 










Please note that we now have a Google Calendar. This will be updated on a regular basis and will provide Schools and Ambassadors with information about our planned events and activities. If you see an activity on there which you may be interested in volunteering for, please contact the office for further information and also remember to clear this with your company contact/line manager.











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