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STEM Ambassadors are an invaluable and FREE resource for teachers and schools. They offer their time voluntarily to enthuse and inspire students within schools about STEM subjects. They can do this through a variety of activities such as clubs, careers talks, helping with school events, lessons and competitions and much more. Please contact us to find out how we can help you decide how best to employ a STEM Ambassador.  ALL STEM Ambassadors hold an Enhanced DBS Check.

Local activities that can be accessed through  STEM Cumbria Ltd:-

Robotics Workshops:

The Robotics workshops are a STEM Cumbria led initiative to support delivery of the System and Control elements of the Key Stage 2 ICT curriculum.

Robotics using a Lego NXT‘smart’ brick that can be programmed by a computer, via an infrared tower, using Robotics software.

The software uses simple icons. The brick has three outputs that turn on motors and/or lamps or buzzers, along with three inputs that receive information from, for example, touch or light sensors.      

During the workshop the children will develop their own programmes to move the buggy around the room whilst turning on lamps or buzzers as and when required. It’s really good fun!

Robodance Competition:

Use LEGO Mindstorms kits to build your own mini Robot to compete in a Disco Dance Competition.

Bright Sparks Electricity Workshops:

The 'Bright Sparks' electricity programme is supported by both Electricity North West Ltd (from 2012/2013)and formerly supported by United Utilities and STEM Cumbria Ltd.

This programme supports/delivers the Key Stage 2 curriculum electricity topic and also provides an in class opportunity for the class teachers to improve and develop their knowledge and confidence to teach the Key Stage2 electricity topic.

• electrical circuits section of the curriculum,
•  Extension challenges based on the basic circuits.
•  a work related role play showcasing engineering and technician jobs in the electricity industry
• Electrical safety with the showing of a DVD "So What You Gonna Do?" highlighting the dangers from the public electricity system

The programme has been running very successfully in Cumbria for over 10 years now, with over 24,000 pupils and 300 teachers having taken part with positive feedback such as the following quote from one teacher:

A comment from a teacher at Sir John Barrow School, June 2013:-

“Jamie’s subject knowledge and general competence in handling a group of unknown children was very evident. (Most impressive) Having such high quality resources is hugely beneficial. Physical hands on experience make all the difference”

Bright Sparks Electricity Workshop - Tracy Gillett Y4 Teacher Pennington C of E School

Can I take this opportunity to say how much we enjoyed having Jamie in school with us on Friday, what a fantastic day with great delivery. Rarely do our children get such hands on experience (with equipment that works!) and were able to relate their learning to real life contexts. Every child was fully engaged and motivated to learn. Fantastic!

Views of Bright Sparks Circuit Boards


                               Circuit Board

K'Nex Challenge    

The K'Nex Challenge is a fun design and build construction competition open to classes of primary children of all abilities.
Pupils work in pairs to produce a specific design solution for a real-life problem such as building a bridge, carrying a load or demonstrating a mechanism. The challenge allows their imagination, creativity, and ingenuity to run wild and many absolutely fantastic models are seen every year.

During 2009 we hope to have worked with over 1000 pupils.

KS3/4 STEM Challenge Activities:

These events are to encourage students to be more aware of a range of Science & Engineering skills and occupations. The activities are all 'hands on'and will carry some learning content as well as being fun to take part in.
The activities have been developed by  STEM Cumbria as a simple introduction to a range of Science & Engineering opportunities and skills. The activities will be run by Science & Engineering Ambassadors from companies in local area. There will be two engineers to run each activity. The Science & Engineering Ambassadors have received full training to work with young people and have also received clearances from the Criminal Records Bureau.

Some of the activities run are: flight activity, technology challenge, mobile phone challenge.

KS2 STEM Activity Days:

Opportunities for pupils to take part in hands on challenges with elements of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, structural engineering. All days have elements of problem solving and team working.

Bee-Bots Workshops:

Award winning programmable floor robot, the Bee-Bot's simple and child friendly layout is a perfect starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming to young children. Workshops are designed to suit Early Years Foundation Stage, KS1 and Early KS2.

Please click here to see teacher comments.

After Bee Bot workshop comments by Cath Kelly - Stoneraise School January 2014

Can I take this opportunity to thank Jo for a really enjoyable and inspiring morning working with the Bee-bots.

The tasks were very clearly explained to the children who were not only able to achieve the different objectives but also allowed them to challenge their own learning.

The children all stayed on task and wanted even more time to explore and investigate. Some of the comments the children made were- brilliant, awesome, wonderful, fun! One child being very disappointed when told Jo would not be returning the following day!

Jo also willingly gave her time to help explain and demystify the New Curriculum, which I now feel much more confident at delivering. Thank you!

After Bee Bot workshop comments from Naomi Kerr - Crosby-on-Eden School:

*A really well structured session, accessible for all children including those with moderate learning difficulties

*Lovely, approachable and friendly instructor (Jo) who all children instantly warmed to

*ALL children learned, made progress in their learning, and were challenged.

According to one boy (Marcus) it was "the best day of his life!" All children (and staff) loved having Jo and the Beebots in school,  Many Thanks.

A comment from Kevin Moffatt, Yr 2 Teacher, Vicarage Park School. Just a quick email to say a massive Thank You for Bee Bot day. Friday 17th October 2014.

Jo Gill was brilliant !

Both year groups had a great day with lots of learning crammed in alongside lots of fun of course.

As usual, well organised, planned and delivered. A wonderful ending to our term of programming and debugging.

Thanks again. Kevin

CREST in a day events:

These day's have been developed to support the British Science Association CREST Awards scheme.


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